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UK and France send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing row

France and UK send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing row. Two Royal Navy ships are patrolling the waters around Jersey isles, not too far from the coasts of Normandy as a fleet of French trawler cr...
Jersey News

Jersey opens up to safe travel after months of isolation from the rest of the world

Air and sea connections with Jersey, the United Kingdom and France will resume on Friday 3 July after more than three months of almost total travel lockdown. As of 3 July airlines and ferries will...
Jersey News

Jersey starts to ease the covid-19 lockdown

The Jersey government has announced its safe exit strategy, a four-point plan to ease the lockdown put in place on 30 March to stop the spread of covid-19. All stages may be reversed on any indicatio...
Jersey News

Jersey to build an emergency Covid-19 hospital

Jersey has given the go-ahead for the construction of an emergency hospital with capacity for 180 Covid-19 patients. It will contain six wards for 30 patients each, administrative facilities for rec...
Jersey News

Jersey cracks down to stop the spread of coronavirus

The government of Jersey introduced new, tougher measures to prevent movement around the island in its fight against the spread of Covid-19. Previously only those aged 65 and over, with underlying hea...
Jersey News

Jersey locks down but boosts its services

Here is an insight on all you need to know about Jersey's lock down due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. TelecomunicationsJersey Telecoms is using its facilities in novel ways. It has rolled ou...
Jersey News

Glossary of the new Coronavirus language

The English language is mutating as fast as a coronavirus.Here is a (tongue-in-cheek) glossary of the new catch phrases of coronaspeak, in no particular order. We welcome additions to the list from ou...
Jersey News

Jersey Post shows drop in turnover

Jersey Post returned a small profit in 2012 even though turnover was down 33 per cent to €44 million. Most of the loss in turnover came from a decision taken in the UK that low-cost items mail...
Jersey News

Jersey releases Red Cross stamps

To coincide with Liberation Day celebrations in Jersey on 9 May the Jersey Post is to release new stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement....
Jersey News

Jersey votes for electoral reform

Voters in Jersey decided in a referendum on 24 April that they want to change the island’s present electoral system but also to keep some elements of the old. Of the three options put to the...
Jersey News

Jersey to vote for parliamentary reform

Jersey is to vote in a referendum on 24 April on the future make-up of the island’s parliament, known as the States. The voters will have three choices on the ballot paper. The first propo...
Jersey News

Jersey telecoms monopoly to end

Jersey and Guernsey landline users will soon be able to shop around for the best provider for their house phone service. This means that they will also have a choice of bundles that include not just t...
Jersey News

Jersey introduces race discrimination law

Jersey has introduced the first part of a draft law against discrimination on grounds of race and nationality in employment, in education and in the service and tourism and entertainment sectors. T...
Jersey News

Jersey buses to get new smart card system

Jersey’s new bus company, which takes over the island’s public transport service at the beginning of 2013, is also introducing a new smart card ticketing service to encourage frequent user...
Jersey News

States of Jersey to get new look

All households in Jersey are to receive a copy of suggested reforms to the island’s legislative body, the States of Jersey. All comments on the report must be submitted by 23 November. There wil...
Jersey News

Jersey to seek more money for finance industry

Jersey Finance is to ask for £5 million in the budget to spend over the next three years to research and to promote the island’s finance industry abroad. Jersey Finance, the promotional...
Jersey News

Jersey fibre optics on target

Fibre optic broadband, which will bring faster internet connections throughout Jersey, has already been rolled out to 20,000 households in the island. But so far only 1,000 customers have signed up fo...
Jersey News

Jersey battles with seaweed

The green lettuce seaweed that invaded the beaches on the south coast of the island all summer may in future be taken out to sea on a special barge. During several weeks in the summer lorries were...
Jersey News

Jersey Telecoms

Jersey Telecom has replaced its 1970s GEC System X, which has operated landlines in the island since the 1980s, with a new digital Next Generation Network (NGN). The new system, supplied by the Chi...
Jersey News

Jersey plans flood defences

The Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey have estimated that they need to spend over £120 million in flood defences Guernsey has calculated that it should spend £55 million to protect...
Jersey News

Design for Jersey's new bus service

People living in the island of Jersey are being asked to choose which design they prefer to decorate the buses of the company that will start running the island-wide public transport service next year...
Jersey News

Jersey passport fees reduced

Passport fees in Jersey are coming down on 3 September to £72.50 for an adult (now £77.50) and £46.50 for a child (now £49). In 2014 the island of Jersey will go over to a c...
Jersey News

Jersey's Celtic coins

An important discovery of Celtic and Roman coins dating back to the first century BC has been unearthed in Jersey. The gold and silver coins, which appear in good condition and which were found stuck...
Jersey News

Lights out in Jersey again

Jersey has had another electricity outage, the third in nine months. Lights went off across the island from about 23.30 on Sunday until 02.00 Monday morning. The breakdown would have been more seri...
Jersey News

Royals to visit Jersey on 18 July

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Jersey on 18 July as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It is the first visit of the Duchess to the island since her...
Jersey News

Channel Islands to light Queen’s Jubilee beacons

Beacons will be lit in the Channel Islands on 4 June to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. They will be among 4,000 lit throughout the world to mark the occasion. In Jersey the bea...
Jersey News

Jersey marks Biodiversity Day

Jersey has launched a scheme to enhance the island’s natural environment in response to International Biodiversity Day. Private individuals, schools, farmers and companies are being encourage...
Jersey News

HSBC reorganises in Jersey

HSBC Private Bank Ltd has announced that it is closing its offices in Jersey and amalgamating them with those in Guernsey. HSBC Private Bank Ltd, which is part of HSBC Holdings (formed out of the H...
Jersey News

Survival art marks Jersey Liberation

Art and artefacts made by inhabitants of Jersey who were deported to German internment camps during world war two are on show at the Jersey Museum to mark this year
Jersey News

Jersey issues special

Jersey is to release a special


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