Jersey News

Royals to visit Jersey on 18 July

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Jersey on 18 July as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It is the first visit of the Duchess to the island since her...
Jersey News

Channel Islands to light Queen’s Jubilee beacons

Beacons will be lit in the Channel Islands on 4 June to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. They will be among 4,000 lit throughout the world to mark the occasion. In Jersey the bea...
Jersey News

Jersey marks Biodiversity Day

Jersey has launched a scheme to enhance the island’s natural environment in response to International Biodiversity Day. Private individuals, schools, farmers and companies are being encourage...
Jersey News

HSBC reorganises in Jersey

HSBC Private Bank Ltd has announced that it is closing its offices in Jersey and amalgamating them with those in Guernsey. HSBC Private Bank Ltd, which is part of HSBC Holdings (formed out of the H...
Jersey News

Survival art marks Jersey Liberation

Art and artefacts made by inhabitants of Jersey who were deported to German internment camps during world war two are on show at the Jersey Museum to mark this year
Jersey News

Jersey issues special

Jersey is to release a special
Jersey News

Jersey farmers check for Schmallenberg

Farmers in Jersey are worried that the death of five deformed lambs may indicate that the Schmallenberg viral infection has reached the island. The infection can also cause birth defects in cattle as...
Jersey News

Jersey to welcome Olympic flame

Jersey will welcome the Olympic flame on 15 July when a team of 16 will carry the torch along the south coast of the largest Channel Islands. It will arrive at the airport on a specially equipped...
Jersey News

Channel Islands lose sales tax exemption case

The Channel Islands have lost their appeal against a UK decision to block a sales
Jersey News

Jersey looking at new bus service

Jersey may have a new bus company servicing the island in 2013. The present contract with Connex, which has been providing the service for the last decade, runs out at the end of this year. The fav...
Jersey News

Jersey’s Odeon cinema bought by Freedom Church

The aging and problematic site of Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey continues stop smoking efforts

Shocking images of diseased throats, lungs, teeth and skin are set to appear on packets of cigarettes in Jersey in an effort by the island
Jersey News

Jersey discounts stamps for Christmas

Jersey has reduced the cost of postage for the Christmas period and has launched a new set of six stamps for use in December. The usual 37p stamp for local mail has been reduced to 35p and the 50p for...
Jersey News

Jersey warned of water shortage

Jersey has been asked to save water as reserves in the island are running low after lack of rain during the autumn. Households have been requested not to use running water for washing. They have been...
Jersey News

Road safety week in Jersey, channel Islands

Jersey marks road safety week from 21-26 November at a time when deaths or serious injuries on the 750 km of the island
Jersey News

Jersey States elects new council of ministers

Three serving ministers and one member of the States of Jersey who has only just returned to politics were among the five ministers elected in tight contests to the council of ministers by the island
Jersey News

Jersey gets new chief minister

Senator Ian Gorst is Jersey's new chief minister. The former social security minister beat Sir Philip Bailhache by just three votes in an election in the States chamber. Gorst won 27 votes in an open...


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