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UK and France send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing row

France and UK send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing row. Two Royal Navy ships are patrolling the waters around Jersey isles, not too far from the coasts of Normandy as a fleet of French trawler cr...
Jersey News

Jersey votes for electoral reform

Voters in Jersey decided in a referendum on 24 April that they want to change the island’s present electoral system but also to keep some elements of the old. Of the three options put to the...
Jersey News

Jersey to vote for parliamentary reform

Jersey is to vote in a referendum on 24 April on the future make-up of the island’s parliament, known as the States. The voters will have three choices on the ballot paper. The first propo...
Jersey News

States of Jersey to get new look

All households in Jersey are to receive a copy of suggested reforms to the island’s legislative body, the States of Jersey. All comments on the report must be submitted by 23 November. There wil...
Jersey News

Jersey States elects new council of ministers

Three serving ministers and one member of the States of Jersey who has only just returned to politics were among the five ministers elected in tight contests to the council of ministers by the island
Jersey News

Jersey gets new chief minister

Senator Ian Gorst is Jersey's new chief minister. The former social security minister beat Sir Philip Bailhache by just three votes in an election in the States chamber. Gorst won 27 votes in an open...
Jersey News

Jersey gets new chief minister

Senator Ian Gorst is Jersey's new chief minister. The former social security minister beat Sir Philip Bailhache by just three votes in an election in the States chamber. Gorst won 27 votes in an ope...
Jersey News

Jersey elections bring new look to the States

The winds of change blew through Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey, Channel Islands, prepares for elections

Jersey will go to the polls on 19 October to elect members of the island parliament, the States Assembly. The States members are composed of senators (who have an island mandate), deputies, who rep...
Jersey News

Jersey and Guernsey examine closer ties

Jersey and Guernsey could one day become one Bailiwick, Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur has said. He has urged islanders not to dismiss such ideas as
Jersey News

Freedom of information comes to Jersey, Channel Islands

The rights of the public to access all but the most confidential documents and information held by States of Jersey departments are to be enshrined in law. The new Freedom of Information Law that h...
Jersey News

Jersey and Guernsey appoint representative to Brussels

The British ambassador to Bulgaria has been appointed to take up the post of director of European Affairs at Jersey and Guernsey
Jersey News

Former Baliff defends the role as president of Jersey's parliament

The former Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache, has made an impassioned defence of the Bailiff
Jersey News

Role of Bailiff in Jersey parliament needs reform

The Bailiff should no longer preside over the island
Jersey News

Observer from Jersey Channel Islands at Rwanda elections

One of the senior politicians from Jersey in the Channel Islands has been an independent observer of the August general elections in Rwanda, a country still rebuilding itself following the genocide of...
Jersey News

UK endorces Jersey self-government

The UK government should support the Crown Dependencies on the international stage but not meddle unnecessarily in their internal affairs, a senior House of Commons cross-party committee has concluded...
Jersey News

Jersey States has urgent 2010 programme

Members of the States of Jersey face a tough year with a host of major policies set for debate and difficult decisions looming on tax and spending, according to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur. In a Ne...
Jersey News

Foreign minister for Jersey

Jersey needs a foreign minister to represent it abroad, former Chief Minister Frank Walker has told a meeting of business leaders. Speaking at a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting in Guernsey, the fo...
Jersey News

Jersey police hold dossiers on members of parliament.

Police dossiers were kept by Jersey police on every member of the island
Jersey News

Reforming the States of Jersey

A major review could see Jersey chief officers - the bailiff, attorney general, solicitor general, lieutenant governor and dean - lose their seats in the island


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