Paris News

Women race for Paris

With only a week before the municipal elections in France two women are battling it out to become the next mayor of the capital. The present socialist deputy mayor Anna Hidalgo is standing against Nat...
Dublin News

Ireland votes to keep Irish senate

Voters reject proposal to scrap senate in shock defeat for government Irish voters have rejected a government proposal to abolish Seanad Éireann, the Republic of Ireland's upper house of par...
Jersey News

Jersey votes for electoral reform

Voters in Jersey decided in a referendum on 24 April that they want to change the island’s present electoral system but also to keep some elements of the old. Of the three options put to the...
Jersey News

Jersey to vote for parliamentary reform

Jersey is to vote in a referendum on 24 April on the future make-up of the island’s parliament, known as the States. The voters will have three choices on the ballot paper. The first propo...
Barcelona News

Catalonia elections favour small parties

Although Autur Mas, the leader of the centre-right Convergència i Unió (CiU) and incumbent president of the region of Catalonia has won a majority of the 135 seats in the regional parlia...
Barcelona News

Catalonians to vote on more independence

Catalonia goes to the polls on Sunday 25 November in what promises to be an important election not only for the region but also for the whole of Spain. Artur Mas, leader of the centre-right, Conver...
Jersey News

States of Jersey to get new look

All households in Jersey are to receive a copy of suggested reforms to the island’s legislative body, the States of Jersey. All comments on the report must be submitted by 23 November. There wil...
Brussels News

Flemish separatists make gains in Belgium local elections

Local elections in Belgium have seen a considerable increase in the vote of the separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) in Dutch-speaking Flanders. It has taken 20 of the 35 districts to become the lar...
Barcelona News

Catalonia elections early

Catalonians go to the polls on 25 November to vote for a new regional parliament but the key issue is greater autonomy from the central Spanish government. The larger than expected independence day...
Amsterdam News

Netherlands vote pro-Europe

After the victory of the centre-right VVD party led by Mark Rutte in the parliamentary election on 12 September he is now faced with the problem of forming a new government. The VVD won 41 seats (u...
Amsterdam News

Elections in the Netherlands

The Netherlands elects a new parliament on 12 September after the fall of the minority government last April over an austerity budget. Polls indicate that the race will be close, between the centre...
Barcelona News

Catalonia rallies for independence from Spain

Over 1.5 million people took part in Catalonia’s national day march on 11 September in Barcelona. It was the largest demonstration that the city had ever seen and the route had to be changed bec...
Brussels News

Fewer expats to vote in Belgium’s local elections

According to figures released by the ministry of home affairs 18.4 per cent of expats from EU countries living in Belgium have registered to vote in the provincial and municipal elections on 14 Octobe...
London News

Boris Johnson returned as mayor of London

Voters in London have returned Boris Johnson, the Conservative party candidate, as mayor of London but only with a narrow victory over his Labour party rival, Ken Livingstone. Johnson won thanks to...
London News

Boris Johnson moves ahead in polls for London mayor

With the election for mayor of London on 3 May Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party candidate, is now moving ahead of his traditional rival, Labour Party candidate Ken Livingstone. The race is still...


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