Glossary of the new Coronavirus language

The English language is mutating as fast as a coronavirus.

Here is a (tongue-in-cheek) glossary of the new catch phrases of coronaspeak, in no particular order. We welcome additions to the list from our readers.Self isolate = to put yourself into quarantine.Self distance = To keep at least 1.5 meters away from the next person, but ideally 20.

Shelter in place = don't move out of your home.

Advice = a UK government word for a policy that allows it off the hook. “Advice” is not legally binding, so insurance companies won't need to make payouts.

Vulnerable = anyone over 70.

Several weeks = anything from 14 days to a year.

Panic buying = grabbing a toilet roll from another customer's checkout trolley.

Restrictions = rationing.

High demand for certain goods in the shops = nothing on the shelves.

Church worship in a different way = a priest alone in a church.

Avoid non-essential travel = stay at home.

Mitigation = attempts to slow an infection.

Suppression = attempts to reverse a pandemic.

Herd immunity = expose everyone to the virus so that next year the casualties will be lower.

flatten the curve = a difference between 250,000 and 20,000 deaths

Uptick = increase

Regulations have been walked back = regulations have been changed

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