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Jersey Post shows drop in turnover

Jersey Post returned a small profit in 2012 even though turnover was down 33 per cent to €44 million. Most of the loss in turnover came from a decision taken in the UK that low-cost items mail...
Jersey News

Jersey fibre optics on target

Fibre optic broadband, which will bring faster internet connections throughout Jersey, has already been rolled out to 20,000 households in the island. But so far only 1,000 customers have signed up fo...
Jersey News

Jersey Telecoms

Jersey Telecom has replaced its 1970s GEC System X, which has operated landlines in the island since the 1980s, with a new digital Next Generation Network (NGN). The new system, supplied by the Chi...
Jersey News

Serious electricity outages hit Jersey, Channel Islands

Electricity in Jersey was disrupted for the second time in a week on 28 September because of problems with supplies from France. Although only western parts of the island were hit on this occasion, tw...
Jersey News

Jersey's Waterfront Enterprise Board may expand its development function

The body responsible for the development of the Waterfront, close to Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey Waterfront project not dead yet

The multi-million pound plan to develop a new financial centre on the Waterfront in Jersey could be back on. Despite the current economic difficulties and the long-running controversy over the idea,...
Jersey News

Incinerator burns up money

The total loss on the incinerator euro blunder stands at around
Jersey News

Jersey incinerator controversy hots up

A row has developed between Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey studies bridge to France.

A serious inquiry into the feasibility of building a
Jersey News

Harcourt Developments in Irish high court.

Irish company Harcourt Developments is defending itself in the Irish High Court against charges that it has excluded business associates from a partnership involved in the Jersey waterfront developmen...
Jersey News

Bridge to link Jersey and France?

A bridge linking Jersey to France may be viable if enough electricity can be generated through wave and wind power. Senior politicians from the island and Normandy have agreed to have further discuss...
Jersey News

Jersey development: St Helier waterfront plans.

Dramatic plans for a city-style 15-block financial district that would raise


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