St Clement Parish

St Clement borders St Helier to the east and the parish is fast becoming an extension of the town.

This is an area of mainly low-cost housing but there are some areas in the high-cost bracket.There has been widespread housing development inland from the main coast road and much of the farming land (once dedicated to potatoes and tomatoes) has been gobbled up by low to medium-priced houses. Housing along the coast is reminiscent of the 1950s south coast of England, with bungalows and rows of similar-looking houses.

The beaches and little harbours along the winding coast road are among the least frequented in the island, but they should not be under-rated as they are a dramatic combination of sand and an awesome expanse of low-lying rocks at low tide. This part of the coast is a good place for low-water fishing but the speed at which the tides rise and fall makes bathing dangerous.

This area was designated as a Ramsar site (an internationally important wetland site) in 2000. Three other areas off the Jersey coast were designated Ramsar sites in 2005, Les Écréhous & Les Dirouilles, Les Minquiers and Les Pierres de Lecq (the Paternosters).

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Address St Clement, Jersey

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St Clement Parish

St Clement, Jersey