Sun, 21 July 2024
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Copenhagen News

Sweden emerges top in new climate action performance rankings

Scandinavian countries take the lead on the European Union’s climate action goals while the coal-reliant eastern member states lag behind. This was confirmed by the annual Climate Change Performan...
Paris News

Two friends walk from Marseille to Paris to collect used masks

From Marseille to Paris on foot with a single goal, to collect the masks thrown on the ground: the story of Ed and Fred Masks have become a threat to nature.  Used to prevent the spread of covid-19,...
Copenhagen News

The Helheim glacier in Greenland is melting

The timelapse video by the academic Nicolaj Krog Larsen shows the incredible change of one of the ice giants of the Continent. According to an Anglo-Danish study, the three largest glaciers in Greenla...
Brussels News

Europe went through the hottest October on record

Europe went through the hottest October on record according to new data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service. High temperatures have prevented the Arctic ocean from freezing over in winter. S...
Brussels News

Catholic institutions liquidate shares and bonds related to fossil energies

European bishops decide to liquidate shares or bonds related to fossil energies. An initial group of Catholic investors, including European Episcopal chapters, has established a disinvestment in al...
Barcelona News

Barcelona to launch a green zone program

  The plan aims to transform three streets into “green zones” where there are 21 public squares Barcelona has unveiled an ambitious plan to expand its low traffic zones and reclaim the city’s in...
Paris News

Ecologists take control of water management in Lyon

France’s green party makes waves in Lyon, the second- largest metropolis behind Paris, with its decision to take water management public.  95 percent of the drinking water consumed by the inhabitan...
Dublin News

Smoke from US wildfires reaches Europe

US wildfire smoke crosses the Atlantic to northern Europe. Smoke from the wildfires devastating California and other parts of the western United States has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean to n...
London News

Stonehenge to live stream summer solstice

Stonehenge sunrise ceremony moves online due to covid-19 safety measures. Summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge will not follow the usual format this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. The ag...
London News

Climate protests at the British Museum in London

As global temperatures and related climate controversies escalate, the art industry has begun to face criticism for their affiliations with large oil corporations. Last weekend, activists staged a 51...
Madrid News

Madrid goes green

City combats pollution with major greening project.A proposal to "re-naturalise" Madrid into a green oasis is currently under consideration by the city as part of plans to reduce the capital's polluti...
London News

Wet wipes clog London's river Thames

Discarded wipes pose serious threat to Thames wildlife. A huge increase in wet wipes being flushed down London’s toilets has become a “major threat” to wildlife in the river Thames, according to en...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen designs floodable park

Enghaveparken park redesigned to cope with climate change. Water is central to the new redesign of Enghaveparken, Copenhagen's large public park in the inner Vesterbro district, according to an inn...
Dublin News

New cycle path at Dublin Bay

First part of Sutton to Sandcove cycleway Construction of a €5 million cycle path at Dublin Bay is to start on 1 April, as part of the planned Sutton to Sandycove cycleway. Dublin City Coun...
Copenhagen News

Stray pets get reprieve in Denmark

It will no longer be legal to shoot stray dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets that wander on to your property in Denmark as of 1 July. Instead owners who are unable to control their pets will be fined....


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