Sun, 21 July 2024
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Jersey, Channel Islands to investigate food prices

Jersey has announced a major investigation into the difference between food prices in the island and the UK. Competition watchdog the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority, which has the power to d...
Jersey News

Bread prices go up 10 per cent in Jersey

The price of bread is going up by 10 per cent in Jersey on 5 October. The main wholesale bakery on the island says that this is because of the increase in the price of both wheat and fuel worldwide an...
Jersey News

JERSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS. Black future for the Jersey cow

Long live the Jersey cow. Jersey cattle are part of the island
Jersey News

Jersey Royal Potato growers predict bad season

Jersey Royal Potato growers are predicting their worst season for many years
Jersey News

Schools grow Jersey Royals

Primary schools have once again been invited to enter the Genuine Jersey Royal Growing Competition, to see which class can grow the heaviest crop of Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey wastes food

Islanders are throwing away up to a staggering 20,000 tons of food every year, according to the Consumer Council. The amount equates to 1lb of food per person per week. The mountain of wasted food...
Jersey News

Jersey food from Jersey agriculture

Jersey should prepare a local food audit to see to what extent it could produce its own food in the event of any emergency, political or environmental, according to the director of the Soil Associatio...
Jersey News

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen to promote Jersey produce

Jersey produce will be given a publicity boost when island food producers join forces with renowned British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver
Jersey News

More investment for Jersey Royal potato.

Millions of pounds sterling are being invested in the future of the Jersey Royal potato, with growers and packers predicting huge demand for the famous spud. With two new packhouses due to open over...
Jersey News

No more carnations.

The last crop of carnations to be picked in Jersey
Jersey News

Manx Laoghtan for Jersey.

A rare breed of sheep with four horns originating in the Isle of Man
Jersey News

Cows week in Jersey.

Dairy farmers from all over the world who keep herds of Jersey cows are in Jersey for the 2008 World Jersey Cattle Bureau Conference. A group of delegates spent a week touring farms in the UK before...
Jersey News

Debate on Jersey bull semen delayed.

The historic States debate on the future of the world-famous breed of Jerseys has been delayed for three months. Members of Jersey
Jersey News

Cross breeding Jersey cattle.

Different breeds of cow could be seen in Jersey


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