Jersey Telecoms

Jersey Telecom has replaced its 1970s GEC System X, which has operated landlines in the island since the 1980s, with a new digital Next Generation Network (NGN).

The new system, supplied by the Chinese company UTStarcom, can cope with millions of land lines and fibre optic broadband, while System X could service only a few hundred thousand lines. With NGN all information, voice and data is transported by one system.

The NGN has cost £20 million but it saves on space and energy as well as labour and could cost the company about £1 million a year less on electricity alone.

UTStarcom, which is based in Beijing has a large client base in Asia, is a Fortune 1000 company and specialises in NGN systems and broadband equipment in particular.

Jersey Telecoms owns the telephone infrastructure in the island and is the only landline operator. There are two other mobile phone operators, Cable and Wireless (Sure) and Airtel-Vodafone.