Mon, 17 June 2024
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Jersey pays tribute to victims of multiple murder

The peaceful nature of life in Jersey was horribly marred in mid-August by a knife attack that killed six people of Polish origin. Three of the murder victims were children; all of them were under six...
Jersey News

Nigerian corruption trial opens in Jersey

One of Jersey biggest-ever money laundering trials has begun in the Royal Court. The case allegedly involves a former Nigerian president, an intricate plan to sell hundreds of military vehicles to...
Jersey News

Jersey drugs market highly profitable

Drugs are being sold in Jersey for 20 times more than their value in mainland Europe
Jersey News

Laser targets plane

A laser with the power to blind was deliberately shone into the cockpit of a passenger jet seconds before it landed at Jersey airport, according to a report published in the island
Jersey News

Major Jersey drugs trial leads to tight security

Armed police are surrounding the Royal Court in St Helier every day during the course of a month-long drugs trial. The unprecedented security measures involve the closure of Hill Street every morning...
Jersey News

Haut de la Garenne wasted public money

The excavation of Haut de la Garenne, the former children
Jersey News

New head for child abuse enquiry.

There is no conflict between the constitutional role of the Bailiff of Jersey and that of the attorney general
Jersey News

Cost of Haut de la Garenne inquiry.

The inquiry into child abuse at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey is expected to cost more than
Jersey News

Haut de la Garenne continues.

The fragment of a child


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