Tue, 18 June 2024
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Jersey battles with seaweed

The green lettuce seaweed that invaded the beaches on the south coast of the island all summer may in future be taken out to sea on a special barge. During several weeks in the summer lorries were...
Jersey News

Jersey plans flood defences

The Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey have estimated that they need to spend over £120 million in flood defences Guernsey has calculated that it should spend £55 million to protect...
Jersey News

Jersey marks Biodiversity Day

Jersey has launched a scheme to enhance the island’s natural environment in response to International Biodiversity Day. Private individuals, schools, farmers and companies are being encourage...
Jersey News

Jersey warned of water shortage

Jersey has been asked to save water as reserves in the island are running low after lack of rain during the autumn. Households have been requested not to use running water for washing. They have been...
Jersey News

Jersey, Channel Islands, alerted to Asian hornet invasion

They are big, they eat honey bees and their sting has been described as "like a hot nail being driven into your flesh." And the bad news is that they could be on their way to Jersey. The Asian hornet...
Jersey News

Jersey's Ramsar sites get protection plan

A plan to protect the sensitive marine habitat in Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey's White House turns green

The National Trust for Jersey is facing a fierce backlash after islanders saw red after its decision to paint the island
Jersey News

Save St Aubin’s Jersey, Channel Islands

Almost 3,000 people have signed a protest against a planned development in St Aubin
Jersey News

Save our Jersey coastline

We all care about threats to the environment, but how many of us do anything about it? How many write to the newspapers, lobby their local politicians, lie down in front of the bulldozers? Most of us...
Jersey News

Grand Hotel in Jersey Channel Islands raises money for Durrell

Guests at the Grand Hotel in Jersey are helping to raise money for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The five-star hotel is asking clients if they will add
Jersey News

Money for Jersey wetlands

The National Trust for Jersey has received a
Jersey News

Jersey Water forsees water shortages

Jersey Water has recently announced its plans for managing the island
Jersey News

Jersey's wages rise

Workers on Jersey now earn an average of
Jersey News

Protecting the Jersey coastline

A major campaign has been launched to urge thousands of islanders to gather on the beach at St Ouen
Jersey News

Manx Laoghtan rams flown to Jersey

Two multi-horned rams have been given a flying start to their new life on the island
Jersey News

Quaisne Bay gets new restaurant

A new restaurant, the Beach House, has opened at Ouaisne beach on the long-derelict site next to the slipway onto the sands. The new venue can serve a total of 225 settings and also has a civil li...


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