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Jersey to act on vulture funds

An official inquiry has been launched into Jersey
Jersey News

Road works around St Helier harbour

Urgent resurfacing work at the end of June on the road called
Jersey News

Condor Ferries gets warning from Jersey minister

Condor Ferries could lose its operational licence if it does not significantly improve its service to and from Jersey, the island's economic minister Alan Maclean has said. In a strongly worded st...
Jersey News

Pensionable age to increase in Jersey, Channel Islands

Residents of Jersey will have to work until they are 67 after the States approved recently controversial plans to raise the pension age. Following a day-long debate, members of the island's parli...
Jersey News

Unemployed still growing in Jersey, Channel Islands

Further fears have been raised about Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey, Channel Islands to investigate food prices

Jersey has announced a major investigation into the difference between food prices in the island and the UK. Competition watchdog the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority, which has the power to d...
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Jersey, Channel Islands, alerted to Asian hornet invasion

They are big, they eat honey bees and their sting has been described as "like a hot nail being driven into your flesh." And the bad news is that they could be on their way to Jersey. The Asian hornet...
Jersey News

Rome’s most beautiful rose

The municipal rose garden on the Aventine hill is hosting the 69th edition of the prestigious Premio Roma prize on 21 May. The international competition selects the most beautiful rose in the capital...
Jersey News

Freedom of information comes to Jersey, Channel Islands

The rights of the public to access all but the most confidential documents and information held by States of Jersey departments are to be enshrined in law. The new Freedom of Information Law that h...
Jersey News

Jersey, channel Islands celebrates Liberation Day

Jersey in the Channel Islands celebrates its liberation from German occupation in world war two on 9 May each year. Along with the other Channel Islands it was occupied by German forces in June 19...
Jersey News

Jersey's royal wedding commemorative coins

Collectors are now able to buy a specially designed Jersey coin featuring the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Produced to commemorate the Royal Wedding, the coins, available in
Jersey News

Immigrants to Jersey, Channel Islands, above target

The numbers of immigrants to Jersey in the last five years is almost double the government target, according to a member of Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey fulfilment industry hit by British government

The British government has made it clear that the Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey opera house gets refit

The Jersey Opera house starts a
Jersey News

New island development plan for Jersey, Channel Islands

Plans to build 4,000 new homes, create a national park and give nearly 600 verg
Jersey News

Tax burden in Jersey shifts

The amount of tax being paid by residents in Jersey has more than doubled during the last decade while the amount paid by businesses in the island has more than halved. According to figures release...
Jersey News

Kings Speech financed from Jersey, Channel Islands

The highly acclaimed film The King


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