St Brelade Parish

St Brelade is a large sprawling parish along the southwest coast with the best variety of sandy beaches in the island.

It also has two very good shopping centres, one at Red Houses/Quennevais, a large sprawling and modern shopping centre with small retail shops, supermarkets, clothing, hardware shops and banks – the best variety outside St Helier – and the other around the little harbour of St Aubin.

The bay of St Brelade has some of the best hotels in the island, which is not surprising considering the beauty of this long stretch of sandy beach. There are plenty of water sports here as well as at the other main beach, St Aubin Bay, where there are also good sailing facilities and the island’s oldest yacht club.

Both St Brelade’s bay and the village of St Aubin also have excellent restaurants and pubs. St Aubin is becoming something of a cultural centre with its new arts and craft gallery in what was once an old chandler’s loft. Another attraction is the golf club, La Moye, with its wonderful views over the west coast. Housing in this parish is a mix of medium-priced small houses around the Red Houses area, very up-market housing complexes and luxury, well-hidden mansions.

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Address St Brelade, Jersey

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St Brelade Parish

St Brelade, Jersey