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Esterházy Palace: The return of the collections

11 June - 19 December 2010. After 300 years of artistic patronage, generations of Esterh
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Olbrich: Architect of the Secession

18 June - 27 September 2010. The Leopold Museum offers a retrospective exhibition devoted to the designer of Vienna's secession building, Joseph Maria Olbrich (1867 - 1908). The secession movement was...
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Showpieces: Neoclassical porcelain from the Marton Museum in Zagreb

18 June - 9 November 2010. During its glory years (1784 to 1805) Vienna's Imperial Porcelain factory produced luxurious porcelain which company director Conrad von Sorgenthal was fond of describing as...
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Ming Interlude

21 April - 3 October 2010. From the 14th to 17th century, China was subject to great changes in politics, commerce and craft production. The nation eagerly embraced world trade, which caused conflict...
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Sleeping Beauty: Masterpieces from Museo de Arte de Ponce

15 June - 3 October 2010. The Pre-Raphealite movement, founded in London in 1848, aimed to reform art by rejecting what was considered to be the mechanistic approach first adopted by the Mannerist art...
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James Cook: Discovery of the South Seas

12 May - 13 September 2010. Captain James Cook made a significant contribution to Europe's knowledge of the hitherto mythical southern continent, by undertaking three circumnavigations of the globe be...
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Flowers for Kim Il Sung

19 May - 5 September 2010. The contemporary art, poster-art and architecture of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is largely unknown outside its own country. Now for the first time the western...
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Vienna State Opera: 140 Years of the House on the Ring

Until 22 December 2010. The Museum of the Vienna State Opera celebrates 140 years of the greatest opera house in the world. Significant events in the history of the opera house, including world premie...
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Hubert Scheibl: Fat Ducks

Until 9 May 2010. Austrian artist Hubert Scheibl, a leading light in the 'New Painting' movement, has over 40 works spanning three decades on display in the Essl Museum. The exhibition comprises 8 mon...
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I've Never Been to New York

17 March - 5 July 2010. Raimund Theater's latest production, Gabriel Barylli's musical 'Ich war Noch Niemals in New York', is a tale of aspirations and search for fulfilment. Based on an idea by Hera...
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Madness & Modernity: Mental Illness and the Visual Arts Vienna 1900

21 January - 2 May 2010. Vienna has long been associated with Sigmund Freud and his groundbreaking writings on psychoanalysis. However around the turn of the 20th century, independently of Freud, Vien...
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A Feast for the Eyes

10 February - 30 May 2010. Described as a 'culinary exhibition', the Bank Austria Kunstforum presents a show of paintings which celebrate the artistic depiction of eating and drinking. Over 100 works...
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The Prince as Collector

12 February - 24 August 2010. One of Europe's oldest families of noble lineage, the Princely House of Liechtenstein can be traced back as far as 1136, to Hugo von Liechtenstein who called himself afte...
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Andy Warhol: Cars

22 January 2010 - 16 May 2010. The exhibition 'Cars' represents a large selection of artwork from the Daimler Collection in the United States. Artists included are painters Robert Longo, Vincent Szare...
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Chawan Tea Bowls

14 October 2009 - 28 March 2010. Including examples from the MAK collection from China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam as well as loans from private collections, this exhibition examines the history between...
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Have You Seen My Alps? - A Jewish Relationship

16 December 2009 - 14 March 2010. This exhibition relates the stories of Jewish people and the places associated with their travels over the 'mountains in the middle of Europe': the Alps. Their histor...
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Gender Check: Feminity and Masculinity in Eastern European Art

13 November 2009 - 14 February 2010. The failure of the 'genderless society' espoused to by communism is revealed with this exploration of how the sexes were depicted behind the Iron Curtain. Equalit...
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Edvard Munch and the Uncanny

16 October 2009 - 18 January 2010. The uncanny as depicted in art has long fascinated both artist and art-lover. When Francisco de Goya etched 'The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters' (c.1799) he h...
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Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1990

30 October 2009 - 31 January 2010. Annie Leibovitz is one of the world's most celebrated photographers whose iconic images of celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Jack Nicholson and Willi...


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