Simmering, also known as 11th district, is a medium-sized industrial quarter in the south-east of Vienna whose population has risen substantially in the last 15 years since the construction of large modern housing estates around the Leberberg and elsewhere. Travellers arriving at the main Schwechat airport usually cross Simmering to reach the town centre (Innere Stadt). Otherwise, the 11th district is full of industrial sites, business premises, a power station, the Vienna transport systems main workshop, a large freight depot and many of Viennas water purification and waste treatment facilities. Viennas largest and certainly most impressive cemetery, the Zentralfriedhof is situated in Simmering and there are a number of attractive green spots, like the Hans Paulus Park, the Herderpark, and the Hyblerpark, which was completely renovated following the extension of the U3 underground line in 2001. As well as the U3, trains for Budapest and the Balkans run on the same line as those to the airport.

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Address Simmering, Vienna

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Simmering, Vienna