Favoriten, Viennas 10th district, is one of the citys largest and has the highest population of any Viennese Bezirk (district). Large numbers of Turks and Yugoslavs live on densely packed housing estates around Favoritens numerous industrial and commercial zones. There is little of traditional Vienna to appeal to visitors in this multi-ethnic, working-class area but it is by no means a depressed one. Residents make the most of the modern amenities and transport infrastructure as well as a number of attractive nature spots like the Laaer Wald woodlands and the Erholungsgebiet Wienerberg nature reserve. There is even a Bezirksmuseum Favoriten, which features archaeological finds from far back as the Stone Age and displays of the geology, industry and topology of the district. Favoriten sits along the S60 suburban train line, and the U1 underground connects it to the city centre (Innere Stadt). The A23 motorway crosses the district west-east.

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Address Favoriten, Vienna

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Favoriten, Vienna