Wieden, Viennas 4th district, lying south of the city centre (Innere Stadt), is one of its most desirable residential neighbourhoods with its grand town houses, elegant restaurants and fashionable boutiques. For centuries Wieden has attracted Austrias artistic and cultural elite and was once home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert. The heart of the district is the Karlsplatz, site of the Museum of Vienna and the Vienna Technical University. Wieden is linked to the city centre by the main Wiedner-Hauptstrae thoroughfare, which is the southern extension of the downtown Krtnerstrae. The Naschmarkt, Viennas largest and most colourful market, sets up its stalls here. Other highlights include the RadioKulturhaus with its live concerts, lectures, scientific symposiums and childrens theatre, and the Theresianum, home to the Austrian diplomatic academy grammar school. The Sdbahnhof, one of Viennas two main railway stations, is a major transport hub with trains for the south and east, the U1 underground line and various S-type suburban trains. The Badner Bahn light railway also passes through Wieden.

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Address Wieden, Vienna

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Wieden, Vienna