Hernals is Viennas 17th district and lies in the north-western corner of the city between Ottakring and Whring. In the second half of the 19th century the quaint village of Hernals industrialised rapidly, sprouting numerous small businesses. Its villas and homes get bigger and grander, the surroundings greener and the streets more splendid the further northwards you head from the Grtel, Viennas outer ring road, towards the hills and the Vienna Woods. Hernals has a fine early-20th century swimming pool called Jrgerbad, as well as the large modern outdoor summer pool, the Schafbergbad. In 1986 central Hernals was completely transformed with the construction of apartments, a shopping centre and several community centres in the Elterleinplatz area. The transport infrastructure was greatly improved with the extension of the S45 suburban train line in 1987, the districts main link with the rest of the city. The U6 underground line also brushes the southern tip of Hernals.

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Address Hernals, Vienna

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Hernals, Vienna