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City council opens its canteen to the needy.

As of 13 February, the Ville de Paris is to provide meals for the needy at its own staff canteen in Quai des Clestins (in the 4me arrondissement). In collaboration with the association Les Restos du...
Paris News

Museum of Modern Art reopens.

The Muse dArt moderne of the Ville de Paris has reopened after two years of restoration. The permanent collection has been given a new layout and new security measures have been introduced, to a total...
Paris News

News kiosks revival.

Seventeen newspaper kiosks have just re-opened in Paris, reversing a 10-year long trend that has seen the number of newsstands drop from 392 in 1997 to 277 in September 2005. These new kiosks represe...
Paris News

Skating around town.

Parisians and visitors to the city will be able to skate and even sled in a special complex just outside the Paris town hall and in Montparnasse until 26 January. There are two rinks near the town hal...
Paris News

New Years Eve transport.

A special transport service has been laid on allowing passengers to travel free of charge throughout the entire Ile-de-France network, RATP, SNCF and Optile as of 17.00 on 31 December 2005 until 12.00...
Paris News

Paris Illumine Paris.

Twelve specially designated areas of Paris will be decorated with artistically designed Christmas lights until mid-January in a project to highlight the diversity of the French capital, now in its sec...
Paris News

Footbridge under construction.

Pariss 37th bridge and fourth footbridge is being built between the existing bridges of Bercy and Tolbiac. When it opens at the end of June 2006 it will connect the Bibliothque Nationale de France on...
Paris News

Boost for night buses.

Fourteen new night buses have been introduced in the French capital, taking the total number of lines in operation to 35. Two of the new night bus lines run a circular route (in both directions) round...
Paris News

Job statistics up and down.

In October there was a decrease in French unemployment figures for the sixth consecutive month, plus a drop of over one per cent in the 800,000 long-term unemployed, something that happens rarely. Nev...
Paris News

More surveillance.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French minister of the interior, has suggested installing a video surveillance system in problematic city suburbs as a way of combating juvenile delinquency. During a visit to Per...
Paris News

Plastic bags to go by 2010..

The French parliament has voted unanimously to prohibit the sale of non-biodegradable plastic wrapping as of 2010. Strangely enough, the new legislation may help farmers, as bio-degradable plastic...
Paris News

French companies to hire seniors.

The French prime minister has called on trade unions and business entrepreneurs to work hand in hand towards a common objective: ensuring that by 2010 half the countrys pensioners are in work. The id...
Paris News

Paris gets a top credit rating.

Standard & Poors, the credit rating agency better known for giving countries and multi-nationals credit ratings for their bond issues, has come out heavily on the side of the city of Paris, giving it...
Paris News

Foreign students increase in France.

The number of foreign students attending courses at French universities has increased by 60 per cent since 1998. There are currently 250,000 foreign students studying in France, or 13.7 per cent of a...
Paris News

Scorsese opens the Paris film centre.

The American film director, Martin Scorsese, recently presided over the inauguration of the new home of the Cinematheque Francaise film centre. The "spiritual home" of film buffs the world over has mo...
Paris News

Demand soars at Catholic schools.

For the third consecutive year, French Catholic schools have been forced to turn away more than 20,000 potential pupils because their classrooms are already overcrowded. Nevertheless 3,000 new enrolme...
Paris News

Standing room at the Opera.

The director of the Paris Opera, Gerard Mortier has just proposed a novel approach to bringing high culture to a larger public. The Paris Opera is offering standing-room only tickets at the cost of 5...
Paris News

The Louvre museum expansion.

The last time the Louvre museum expanded to incorporate new buildings was 20 years ago when it took over the old ministry of finance building, but now the world famous museum is set to take over the T...
Paris News

Camping becomes trendy.

Camping has never been associated with a chic lifestyle particularly in France where camping has not been a national pastime since the 1930s. However times are changing and so are attitudes to this...
Paris News

The sacred and the profane.

Notre-Dame de Paris plays host to some 11 million visitors every year but very few of them enter the church to attend Mass. The chaplain Monsignor Paul Guiberteau has recently felt the need to remind...
Paris News

The 104 - Pariss new cultural centre.

104 rue dAubervilliers in the 19th arrondissement of Paris looks set to become the French capitals next cultural centre. The 104 has become the focus of a wide ranging artistic and cultural debate abo...
Paris News


1,500 tonnes of sand have been poured onto nearly 4 km of the famous Parisian quayside to create Paris-Plage once again this summer. This year is dedicated to Brazil and for the occasion the quays hav...
Paris News

A record Baccalaureat.

2005 was a bumper year for French students. Just over 80 per cent of students passed their final school examinations, the Baccalaurat. The results were published on 12 July confirming that 2005s figu...
Paris News

France tightens its frontiers.

The French Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, has announced that France is reinstating border controls as a response to the London bombings. He made the statement at a meeting in Brussels with his f...
Paris News

France marks the passing of Claude Simon.

Winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1985 and a household name in France for over 60 years, Claude Simon, the novelist, has passed away at the age of 91. Simon was considered one of the great...
Paris News

New out-of-hours healthcare for Paris

A new out-of-hours healthcare clinic has opened in central Paris, as part of a network aimed at relieving pressure on the city


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