2005 was a bumper year for French students. Just over 80 per cent of students passed their final school examinations, the Baccalaurat. The results were published on 12 July confirming that 2005s figure of 80.2 per cent has beaten the record year of 2003 by just one tenth of a per cent. Of the 610,000 students taking the exam, 489,500 passed.

The French government has the declared aim of having at least 80 per cent of every complete generation pass the exam, but this years record takes the generational figure to just 62.5 per cent. However, if French foreign territories are included, the figure rises to 79.9 per cent of this generation, bringing the government extremely close to reaching its stated aim.

The areas of France with the best educational success rates based on this years results are: Rennes (89.3 per cent), Grenoble (89.2 per cent) and Strasbourg (88.4 per cent).