Ile Saint Louis

These are the two islands that are in the middle of the Seine. They are part of the 4th arrondisement although they are worlds apart. On Ile de la Cit is Notre Dame in all its gothic beauty. The island is also the centre of the famous March des Fleurs, the largest flower market in Paris. The melange of history and nature renders the island an inspiring place. To get from Ile de la Cit to Ile S. Louis you must take the Ponte S. Louis, a bridge which is full of jugglers and street artists in an incredible setting. Ile S. Louis is one of the most up-market neighbourhoods in Paris. Houses are beautifully elegant, with their small gardens. From the islands it is also possible to take the steps down to the shore of the Seine where many take their picnic lunches. However some areas are more accessible than others. There is only one metro line stop on the islands. There are some pay-parking zones and many elegant restaurants but not much night life.

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Address Ile Saint Louis, Paris

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Ile Saint Louis

Ile Saint Louis, Paris