Thursday, 02 July 2020
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Paris News

France goes for bicycling

The French ministry of transport is to encourage schemes to promote greater use of bicycles for short trips. It has proposed the introduction of employee incentive schemes for those who bicycle to get...
Paris News

Parisians generating less rubbish

Parisians are throwing out 30 kg less rubbish per household than in the year 2000, according to the Observatoire regional des d
Paris News

Autolib to go live autumn 2011

Paris is to launch the largest electric car hire scheme in the world this autumn. Details have been released of the Autolib scheme, available by subscription only, which will have 3,000 vehicles avail...
Paris News

Paris mayor urges caution in water use

Paris mayor has called for everyone to ration their use of water in the capital because of dangerously low levels of two rivers that supply Paris drinking water. The Lunain Seine-et-Marne has fallen b...
Paris News

Vegetable allotments in Paris parks

If a proposed move by city authorities goes ahead, Parisians will shortly be able to grow fruit and vegetables in the historic royal hunting grounds of the Bois du Vincennes and the Bois du Boulogne....
Paris News

Keeping bees in Paris

In typically Parisian style, the prestigious museum and gallery that is the Grand Palais on Paris
Paris News

Afghan stabbings in central Paris.

An Afghan refugee was fatally stabbed in the throat in central Paris and another seriously wounded after a fight broke out in early April. Villemin Square, in the city
Paris News

Recycling Christmas trees in Paris.

Paris city council has set up 95 collection points in parks and gardens across the city for its annual Christmas tree recycling drive. Trees must be delivered
Paris News

Large salmon caught at Seine barrage.

An Atlantic salmon measuring nearly one metre in length and weighing seven kilos has been caught at the Suresnes barrage on the Seine, just west of Paris. Being particularly sensitive to pollution, th...
Paris News

City car scheme for Paris.

The mayor of Paris Bertrand Delano
Paris News

Recycling begins at school.

Teachers at nursery and primary schools in the French capital can now apply for a kit from the Mairie de Paris which brings recycling into the classroom. The teaching aid helps pupils to learn about t...
Paris News

Paris air quality improves.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) greenhouse gas emissions in Paris dropped over the period 2002-2007 according to a recent report on the air quality in the capital. NOx emissions (a major...
Paris News

Winter home-heating limits.

The Ville de Paris is urging Parisians not to heat their apartments above a maximum temperature of 19
Paris News

Water conservation measures in Paris.

Continuing low levels in the Seine Normandie basin, which supplies Paris with water, have led the city council to confirm its summer water saving drive. Measures include limiting street washing to ear...
Paris News

Car-sharing in Paris.

Two new branches of the car-sharing company operated by Caisse-Commune have just opened in Saint-Michel and Mairie in the 17th arrondissement, bring the total number of auto-partage stations in Paris...
Paris News

Successful recycling bins.

The twice-weekly collection of Pariss unmistakable yellow-lidded wheelie bins for recycling household waste is to be extended to the 4ieme, 9ieme, 15ieme and 18ieme arrondissements. Indicative of the...


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