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Paris News

The Louvre recovers 16th-century Renaissance-era armor stolen 40 years ago

  A set of gold and silver encrusted renaissance armor dating back 40 years was recovered after being reported stolen. The recovery was prompted by a military antique expert who alerted the pol...
Paris News

French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail

Nicolas Sarkozy was has been found guilty of corruption and influence-peddling, to serve a 3-year jail term.  In what is arguably a historical ruling, the 66-year old Sarkozy has been sentenced for c...
Paris News

Diary Sow, top Senegalese student, disappears in France

Diary Sow, a student at the prestigious Louis-Le-Grand high school goes missing in France.French authorities have launched an investigation to determine the whereabouts of missing a top Senegalese stu...
Paris News

3 police officers killed in Saint-Just France

The French National Police announced the death of three police officers in a rural part of Central France. A fourth officer sustained serious injuries. The country’s Interior ministry confirmed the...
Paris News

Illegal party shut down in Marseilles by police

500 people at an illegal party in Marseilles, France: the police intervene French police stopped a party with 500 people in Marseille.  As reported by Le Parisien, the illicit event (in the middle...
Paris News

40 thousand euros of Moncler jackets stolen in a minute in Paris

Lightning robbery at the Moncler store in Paris: 40 thousand euros of jackets stolen in a minute A daylight robbery of the Moncler store in Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris resulted in 40,000 euros...
Paris News

Clashes and violence in Paris: fines and jail time for publishing videos of police brutality

  Article 24 prohibits photographing and filming policemen in action. The March of Liberties (Le Marce della Libertà) departed from the Place de la République on 28 November around 2 p.m. in Paris...
Paris News

Police in Paris closes illegal poker club

Boom of illegal poker games in the Paris region despite the lockdown: the police discover a gambling den of 30 players and close the club. While the gaming clubs have been closed since 6 October ,...
Paris News

French fake number plates increase

The reported number of fake or duplicate car licence plates rose 73 per cent in 2012 according to figures from the French interior ministry. Nearly 17,500 road offence were committed by drivers usi...
Paris News

French police target sale of licence points

French police are cracking down on people who “sell” driving licence points to offenders who have had points deducted from their licences for driving offences. A new crime unit has rece...
Paris News

Jewellery thefts rise in Paris

Raids on Paris jewellery stores increased to 716 in 2011 compared to 248 five years previously. The number of armed raids rose 25 per cent in 2011 to a total of 369. Three people were killed in three...
Paris News

Stieg Larsson most popular author in Paris libraries

Swedish author Stieg Larsson was the most borrowed in Paris libraries in 2010. Almost 13 million items were borrowed from the city
Paris News

Paris galleries duped by art forgers

According to the Journal des Arts some of Paris
Paris News

Illegal cigarettes do roaring trade

The down-market area of Barb


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