Thu, 18 April 2024
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No safe haven for drug addicts in Paris

Plans for a safe facilty for drug addicts in Paris have been set back by a Conseil d'Etat decision that it would be illegal under a 1970 law banning the use of hard drugs. The city will now have to sh...
Paris News

Smoking in Paris cafes

Non-smokers in France have lost another attempt to ban smoking on café terraces. A Paris appeal court has rejected a case by Droits des Non-fumeurs against a lower court ruling that affectively...
Paris News


Paris authorities have distributed a free interactive smartphone family planning app for school and college students. Carte XY allows students via their mobiles to be prescribed the contraceptive pill...
Paris News

More doctors for Paris

The lack of doctors in some areas of Paris has reached crisis point, says the mayor
Paris News

Parisian diseases identified

Parisians are more likely to be affected by HIV, tuberculosis, childhood obesity, lung cancer, breast cancer and infant mortality than anywhere else in France. The regional health authority, ARS, has...
Paris News

Paris shopkeepers to keep a vigilant eye on the elderly

Four hundred shopkeepers across Paris, including butchers, florists, tobacconists and pharmacists, have been recruited by the mayor
Paris News

Paris hospitals face crisis

The head of Paris
Paris News

Paris hands out pocket ashtrays.

30,000 blue and white pocket ashtrays are being distributed outside 140 nightspots across the French capital as part of a Ville de Paris campaign to encourage civic responsibility among smokers. Since...
Paris News

Wi-fi disturbance in Paris libraries.

The prestigious university library Sainte-Genevi
Paris News

Parisians consulted on smoking ban.

Following the French governments decision to postpone potentially unpopular legislation banning smoking in bars and restaurants, the Ville de Paris is inviting Parisians to have their say online. The...
Paris News

New out-of-hours healthcare for Paris

A new out-of-hours healthcare clinic has opened in central Paris, as part of a network aimed at relieving pressure on the city


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