Jersey will be the first country in Europe to run a scratchcard-style lottery using electronic machines in shops.

The electronic instant tickets (EIT) allow players to pay, select and scratch off their ticket on a screen. If people win they are given a receipt to claim their prize.

The machines would be available at the shops that sell Channel Islands Lottery scratch cards, the airport, harbour, pubs, hotels and supermarkets. Tickets will still be available over the counter.

The system, which only operates in Jersey, makes the Channel Islands Lottery the first government lottery in Europe to run the system, which will be managed by the company, The Global Draw, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games.

Paul Burnell, director of The Global Draw, said the machines would arrive in the island in early October. The new electronic instant ticket (EIT) system terminals provide a more convenient and interactive experience for lottery players in Jersey, say the company.

Players simply insert their money into the terminal, select the ticket of their choice from a number of lottery ticket images,