Fri, 19 July 2024
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Sinn Féin has apologized for the murder of Lord Mountbatten

The president of Sinn Féin has apologized for the murder of Lord Mountbatten at the hands of the IRA.  It is the first time such an explicit apology has come from a leader of the party that has long...
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Irish General Election Results

The Irish general election on 8 February resulted in a near three-way tie between Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Sinn Féin, long considered a secondary political party, surged at the polls --th...
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Dublin leads the way in Ireland's referendum to same-sex marriage

Referendum saw over 62 per cent vote in favour of gay marriage Dublin South had the highest yes vote, at almost 75 per cent, in the weekend referendum to change the Irish constitution regarding sa...
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Ireland votes to keep Irish senate

Voters reject proposal to scrap senate in shock defeat for government Irish voters have rejected a government proposal to abolish Seanad Éireann, the Republic of Ireland's upper house of par...
Dublin News

Ireland to close Vatican embassy

Ireland has announced that it is to close its embassy to the Holy See, which is based in Villa Spada on Rome
Dublin News

New Dublin mayor's role outlined

In what has been described as the most significant change in Irish local government since the 19th century, next year could see Dublin's mayor elected by citizens of the Dublin region. As well as havi...
Dublin News

Dublin to get elected mayor

Dublin could have its first elected mayor in June 2010 says the minister of the environment, John Gormley. According to a report in Ireland
Dublin News

Ireland Ratifies Lisbon Treaty

Irish people have ratified the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, with an overwhelming majority of 67 per cent voting in favour. The turnout was 58 per cent with 1,214,268 people voting for the t...
Dublin News

Irish show more support for Lisbon Treaty

The Irish government will be relieved to hear that support for the Lisbon Treaty is beginning to consolidate, as numbers intending to vote yes in the referendum later this year continue to grow. In...
Dublin News

Dublin gets new lord mayor.

Former secondary school teacher Eibhlin Byrne has been elected as the 339th lord mayor of Dublin. The Fianna F
Dublin News

Democrats Global Primary, Dublin.

The Democrats Global Primary, the first time in American history that a political primary to be held abroad, will take place on


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