Amsterdam has all the benefits, as well as the disadvantages, of a multi-cultural city. There is an excellent choice of cultural, shopping and sporting facilities, but in some areas drug-related crime, poverty and racial tensions are serious problems. Housing prices are low compared with many other...

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Netherlands vote pro-Europe

After the victory of the centre-right VVD party led by Mark Rutte in the parliamentary election on 12 September he is now faced with the problem of forming a new government. The VVD won 41 seats (u...
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Elections in the Netherlands

The Netherlands elects a new parliament on 12 September after the fall of the minority government last April over an austerity budget. Polls indicate that the race will be close, between the centre...
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Democrats Global Primary, Amsterdam.

The Democrats Global Primary, the first time in American history for a political primary to be held abroad, will take place on
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No voting machines for Amsterdam.

Citizens in the Dutch capital will be voting with the traditional red pencil in the national elections on 22 Nov following a decision by minister for government reform, Atzo Nicola, withdrawing approv...
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Local government moves left.

Amsterdam is to be governed by a centre-left coalition of the social democratic Labour Party (PvdA) and the Green Party (Groenlinks) for the next four years after recent local government elections reg...