Amsterdam News

Micropia museum opens in Amsterdam

Micropia, Amsterdam's new museum, boasts that it is the first in the world dedicated to the microscopic life of the body – the three billion microbes, such as bacteria (a million can fit on the...
Oxford News

Oxford gets biomedical funding

Oxford University has been granted £750,000 in funding by the government for biomedical research. The money is to be spent on research into flu vaccines and techniques to monitor the interact...
Paris News

Foreign research gets boost in Paris.

Funding for post-doctoral and senior research scholarships for foreign researchers to work in public laboratories in the French capital has doubled this year to
Barcelona News

Space Agency opens educational office in Barcelona.

The first European Space Agency educational resource office (ESERO) in Spain has been inaugurated at the CosmoCaixa centre on Teodor Roviralta in Barcelona. One of just three such pilot facilities in...
London News

St Pancras research centre.

Medical science research centre for St Pancras site A


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