Sunday, 25 October 2020
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Madrid News

Foreigners register to vote in local elections

Foreigners living in Madrid, who can now vote in the city
Jersey News

Former Baliff defends the role as president of Jersey's parliament

The former Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache, has made an impassioned defence of the Bailiff
Jersey News

Role of Bailiff in Jersey parliament needs reform

The Bailiff should no longer preside over the island
Dublin News

New Dublin mayor's role outlined

In what has been described as the most significant change in Irish local government since the 19th century, next year could see Dublin's mayor elected by citizens of the Dublin region. As well as havi...
Vienna News

Vienna goes to the polls

Vienna goes to the polls on 10 October to elect a new provincial and city government. Councillors for the city
Jersey News

Observer from Jersey Channel Islands at Rwanda elections

One of the senior politicians from Jersey in the Channel Islands has been an independent observer of the August general elections in Rwanda, a country still rebuilding itself following the genocide of...
Jersey News

UK endorces Jersey self-government

The UK government should support the Crown Dependencies on the international stage but not meddle unnecessarily in their internal affairs, a senior House of Commons cross-party committee has concluded...
Vienna News

Vienna city referendum results

The results of Vienna
Dublin News

Dublin to get elected mayor

Dublin could have its first elected mayor in June 2010 says the minister of the environment, John Gormley. According to a report in Ireland
Jersey News

Jersey States has urgent 2010 programme

Members of the States of Jersey face a tough year with a host of major policies set for debate and difficult decisions looming on tax and spending, according to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur. In a Ne...
Jersey News

Foreign minister for Jersey

Jersey needs a foreign minister to represent it abroad, former Chief Minister Frank Walker has told a meeting of business leaders. Speaking at a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting in Guernsey, the fo...
Berlin News

Former Berlin watchtower set for restoration

Berlin has begun the restoration of a former watchtower used by East German border guards. When finished the watchtower will form part of the memorials at the city
Berlin News

Remembering the Wall

The start of a series of events to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall began with a public meeting in Berlin of the three former world statesmen who were instrumental in bringin...
Dublin News

Ireland Ratifies Lisbon Treaty

Irish people have ratified the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, with an overwhelming majority of 67 per cent voting in favour. The turnout was 58 per cent with 1,214,268 people voting for the t...
Vienna News

SPO plans for provincial elections

American political strategist and former Yale academic Stan Greenberg, who advised former president Bill Clinton and Tony Blair among others, is to bring his expertise to Vienna
Berlin News

The Berlin Wall remembered

Berlin commemorated the 48th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall on 13 August. The wall, built by East German soldiers divided the city, and West Berlin, from the rest of East Germany,...
Barcelona News

Barcelona removes Franco era plaques

Barcelona city council has begun the removal of plaques representing the fascist Franco regime from the facades of buildings and houses throughout the city, 34 years after the military dictator
Jersey News

Jersey police hold dossiers on members of parliament.

Police dossiers were kept by Jersey police on every member of the island
Dublin News

Irish show more support for Lisbon Treaty

The Irish government will be relieved to hear that support for the Lisbon Treaty is beginning to consolidate, as numbers intending to vote yes in the referendum later this year continue to grow. In...


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