Friday, 07 August 2020
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Dublin News

Dublin struggles with coldest weather for 40 years

Faced with severe weather conditions not witnessed in almost 40 years, areas of Dublin City have ground to a virtual standstill, with major disruptions caused to road and rail transport. The snow and...
Barcelona News

Barcelona MOVELE plan

Barcelona city council has announced moves that it hopes will boost the take-up of electric powered vehicles in the city. Under a joint agreement with utility company Endesa, the council is to install...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen names new metro stations

Copenhagen has officially named the last six stations of the city
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam deer cull

Dutch News online reports that Amsterdam city council has been ordered to cull wild deer living in the national park dune area between the resort towns of Zandvoort and Noordwijk to the west of the ci...
Vienna News

Vienna U-bahn crime patrols

More than 10,000 people have been stopped and questioned by the Vienna police force during its special patrols on the city
Oxford News

Oxford cemeteries

Oxford city council is to spend
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam uses Cisco’s Urban EcoMap

Amsterdam has gone head to head with the American city of San Francisco to see which is the more eco friendly. In conjunction with technology company Cisco, Amsterdam has launched Urban EcoMap, which...
Oxford News

Oxford to concentrate on food recycling

Oxford is shortly to begin its first doorstep food waste recycling programme, says the Oxford Mail. Residents are not obliged to take part in the scheme but will have to actively opt out when it begin...
Amsterdam News

Electric cars to recharge free

Drivers of electric cars in Amsterdam can now recharge their vehicles free of charge at one of the city
Dublin News

Mosquito Alert in Dublin

The Fingal region of north Dublin, which experienced infestations of mosquitoes in the summer, is currently being examined by environmental researchers intent on trapping specimens from each of Irelan...
Vienna News

Stadthalle Hotel gets zero carbon footprint

A Vienna hotel claims to be the first in the city, and possibly the first such in the world, to have a zero carbon footprint
Paris News

Vegetable allotments in Paris parks

If a proposed move by city authorities goes ahead, Parisians will shortly be able to grow fruit and vegetables in the historic royal hunting grounds of the Bois du Vincennes and the Bois du Boulogne....
Oxford News

Oxford loves pedal power

Oxford pro-cycling campaign group Cyclox has proposed a dual lane cycling network for the city, with slow and fast routes. A map of potential routes was presented by Cyclox chairman James Styring as p...
Oxford News

Green trucks for refuse collection

Under plans to cut traffic pollution, Oxford city council is trialing refuse collections in the city centre carried out by electric vehicles. The fume-free and silent 3.5-ton Nissan truck, which h...
London News

British Airways to charge for seat allocation.

On 7 October British Airways starts charging for advanced seat allocation on all its flights. The price of choosing a seat on a one-way economy flight to European destinations is


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