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Oxford's Westgate Centre nears completion

Westgate Shopping Centre will include rooftop garden. The curved Bonn Square façade at the new-look Westgate Shopping Centre is nearing completion as part of a £440 million revamp of the Queen Stre...
Oxford News

Sunlight damages artefacts at Oxford's Natural History Museum

Restored glass roof causes “irreversible” damage to museum specimens. Authorities at Oxford University's Natural History Museum have admitted that a recent £2-million project to restore the Victori...
Oxford News

Plans to revamp Museum of Oxford

Oxford city council seeks heritage grant to treble museum space. The exhibition space of the Museum of Oxford could treble by 2020 if the city council is successful with its proposal to seek £1.6 m...
Oxford News

Oxford to extend free WiFi

Many public buildings in Oxford will have free WiFi available by March 2015. Libraries, community centres, museums, park and ride sites will be able to offer free broadband connections to residents...
Oxford News

Oxford wins best council award

Oxford city council has won the 2014 best achieving local council award in the UK. The award is given for high performance in all sectors of local government; social services, housing, economic dev...
Oxford News

Refashion in Oxford

The third Refashion event returns to Oxford at the end of February 2014. Up-cycled textiles, clothing and crafts will go on show in the main hall of Oxford town hall on 27 February. The event also...
Oxford News

Oxford Christmas Night Light

The Mini plant at Oxford is sponsoring the Christmas Night Light in Oxford to mark the 100th anniversary of car manufacturing in the city. The annual light procession on 22 November will focus on the...
Oxford News

Oxford opens its doors

Oxford Open Doors weekend, organised by the Oxford Preservation Trust takes place on the weekend 14-15 September. The public will be able to visit locations that are not usually open to visitors such...
Oxford News

Oxford hospitals charge more for parking

Oxford hospitals have announced steep increases in parking charges from the beginning of July. One hour goes up from the present £1 to £1.40 and a three-hour stay goes up from £3 to...
Oxford News

Oxford’s Westgate development goes public

Plans for the new Westgate development, to be presented for public consultation mid June, will include 70 shopping units as well as a branch of the John Lewis department store. There will be four o...
Oxford News

Blackwell’s continues reorganisation

Oxford’s historic bookseller Blackwell’s is closing its library division in an effort to get the company back into profit. It is thought that about 55 people will be made redundant. The...
Oxford News

New look for Oxford’s public toilets

Gloucester Green public toilets are ready for remodernisation now that temporary facilities have been established for the period of the upgrade. The Oxford council says that it is planning to provi...
Oxford News

Pitt Rivers Museum gets lottery grant

The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford has won a £1.05 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to continue its £1.6 million VERVE (Visitors, Engagement, Renewal, Visibility and Enrichment)...
Oxford News

Oxford University to target

Oxford University’s vice chancellor has announced a fund raising target of £3 billion. Part of this – £1.25 billion – has already been raised under the Oxford Thinking ca...
Oxford News

Exploring Oxford

Oxford has launched a new guide system for visitors called Oxford Expore. Signs, maps and smart phone linkups provide pedestrians not only with directions but also information and images about the var...
Oxford News

Oxford gets biomedical funding

Oxford University has been granted £750,000 in funding by the government for biomedical research. The money is to be spent on research into flu vaccines and techniques to monitor the interact...
Oxford News

Oxford to celebrate Olympic flame

Oxford is to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic flame in the city on 9-10 July. It will pass through Blackbird Leys, Cowley Road and St Clement’s areas in the east, south and centre of the...
Oxford News

Oxford’s Operation Buzzard and Brush against crime

Oxford started a crack-down on street robbery at the end of June in conjunction with Operation Brush against anti-social behaviour in the city’s parks.   Operation Buzzard is now in i...
Oxford News

Oxford’s natural history museum to close for restoration

Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History is to close for the whole of 2013 for restoration to the leaking glass roof. The project will cost about £2.1 million. The decision to go a...
Oxford News

New bridge in Oxford

The first stage of a new glass and steel bridge now links the main site of Pembroke College – one of Oxford University’s oldest colleges – to its expansion project on the other side...


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