Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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Copenhagen designs floodable park

Enghaveparken park redesigned to cope with climate change. Water is central to the new redesign of Enghaveparken, Copenhagen's large public park in the inner Vesterbro district, according to an inn...
Copenhagen News

Stray pets get reprieve in Denmark

It will no longer be legal to shoot stray dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets that wander on to your property in Denmark as of 1 July. Instead owners who are unable to control their pets will be fined....
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen looks at congestion charges

Opposition is growing in Denmark to a government proposed congestion charge for Copenhagen. The plan to charge for entry into the capital was first put forward at the end of 2011 and the government is...
Copenhagen News

Recycling grant for Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been chosen to lead an international campaign to improve efficiency of plastic recycling and reduce the amount of plastic finding its way into normal waste. The city has won a subst...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen air quality improves

The quality of air in Copenhagen has improved dramatically in the last decade, reports the Copenhagen Post. According to figures from the National Environmental Research Institute, ultrafine particle...
Copenhagen News

Diesel fumes link to increased deaths in Copenhagen

Incidences of strokes rise by over 20 per cent in the days following high pollution levels, says a recent study published in the European Heart Journal. The study showed that when levels of ultra-...
Copenhagen News

No fall in Copenhagen pollution levels

Levels of carbon dioxide have stayed constant in Copenhagen over the last few years, despite the city
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen names new metro stations

Copenhagen has officially named the last six stations of the city
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen lakes may get city's heavy traffic

The three scenic lakes that are a landmark of Copenhagen have become something of a battleground since the city council announced proposals to route all heavy traffic along the roads that line them....
Copenhagen News

Urban park in Nørrebro

A new 50 million kroner, distinctly un-Danish, urban park is planned for Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Scandinavian cuts Copenhagen routes

As part of its Core streamlining plan, SAS is cutting six routes flying out of Copenhagen airport over the next five months. First destination to go is Kangerlussuaq in Greenland with immediate effect...
Copenhagen News

Opposition to Copenhagen bridge project

Four new bicycle and pedestrian bridges are planned for Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen short-listed for EU

The Danish capital is among eight cities nominated for the first
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen’s environmental zone.

Heavily polluting buses and trucks circulating within Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Language test for foreigners.

Foreigners wanting to be reunited with their families living in Denmark may find themselves being asked to take a Danish language test before entering the country under new proposed legislation being...
Copenhagen News

Denmarks broadcasters go green

Denmarks national broadcaster DR has been awarded an environmental prize by Copenhagen and five other municipalities as part of the environmental protection project Dogme 2000. The broadcaster is buil...


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