Mon, 17 June 2024
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Stonehenge to live stream summer solstice

Stonehenge sunrise ceremony moves online due to covid-19 safety measures. Summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge will not follow the usual format this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. The ag...
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Climate protests at the British Museum in London

As global temperatures and related climate controversies escalate, the art industry has begun to face criticism for their affiliations with large oil corporations. Last weekend, activists staged a 51...
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Wet wipes clog London's river Thames

Discarded wipes pose serious threat to Thames wildlife. A huge increase in wet wipes being flushed down London’s toilets has become a “major threat” to wildlife in the river Thames, according to en...
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Reducing pollution on London’s busiest streets

A trial has begun in the capital to reduce levels of pollutants in the air by spraying roads with a dust suppressant that causes dangerous particulates to stick to the road surface. Transport for...
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London’s unwanted household items to be re-sold

London mayor Boris Johnson has announced the creation of an
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London to have cycle superhighways

London mayor Boris Johnson has announced his plans to turn London into a cycle city. Two cycle superhighways are to be launched in summer 2010, running from Merton to the city and from Barking to Towe...
London News

British Airways to charge for seat allocation.

On 7 October British Airways starts charging for advanced seat allocation on all its flights. The price of choosing a seat on a one-way economy flight to European destinations is
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London postcodes top burglary listings

Financial comparison website has released research that shows that people living in London and Nottingham are the most likely to be burgled. Using data from 2.6 million insura...
London News

Keeping a track on pollution

In a pilot scheme devised by Imperial College London, the capital has trialled new mobile pollution monitors, which it is hoped will help to identify pollution hotspots and identify contributory facto...
London News

London mayor scraps plans for cleaner air.

London mayor Boris Johnson has scrapped the third phase of London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ), due to come into force in October 2010, commenting that in times of recession additional costs would be "a...
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Greenpeace buys up Heathrow runway land.

Campaigners opposed to the controversial third runway planned for Heathrow have bought a piece of land the size of a football pitch, which is part of the area earmarked for the airport
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Hackney council gets tough on littering.

Environmental enforcement officers employed by Hackney council in north London are using their mobile phones to film people who drop litter or fail to clean up after their dogs, as part of a campaign...
London News

Cleaning up the Thames.

The Isle of Dogs has been chosen for this year
London News

London mayor boosts recycling projects.

Recycling and waste reduction in London have been given a boost with the naming of the capital
London News

SUVs targeted in new London congestion charge.

Cars and trucks that emit more than 225g of carbon dioxide per kilometre are to be subject to the new
London News

London waste disposal: Londoners support plastic bags ban.

Nearly 60 per cent of Londoners are in favour of a total ban on disposable shopping bags while over 90 per cent agree that action should be taken to reduce their environmental impact according to a Lo...
London News

Second Thames flood barrier under consideration.

Government plans to set up new flood defences protecting all major police, fire and power stations may also include the building of a new
London News

"Green" vehicles for Heathrow.

British Airways is to spend over
London News

London forges new climate alliance.

A new partnership between the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group,(LCCLG), representing the mayors of 22 of the worlds biggest cities, and former US president Bill Clinton has been launched in Los...


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