If a proposed move by city authorities goes ahead, Parisians will shortly be able to grow fruit and vegetables in the historic royal hunting grounds of the Bois du Vincennes and the Bois du Boulogne.

In the face of a lack of green space deputy mayor in charge of green space in Paris, Fabienne Giboudeaux, has begun developing even the smallest plots of land into gardens. The latest, the 49th such plot, has recently been installed on the roof of a gym in the 20th arondissement.

These tiny roof gardens are multiplying in numbers but Giboudeaux also proposes having one hectare in each of the protected woods turned over to public vegetable gardens. In the Bois du Boulogne a suggested location is next to the Ecole du Breuil.

During the week upkeep of the gardens would be undertaken by those doing community service, and on Wednesdays and weekends it would be open to the public to buy fruit and vegetables. Under the proposals members of the public could be given allotments of their own.