Illegal party shut down in Marseilles by police

500 people at an illegal party in Marseilles, France: the police intervene

French police stopped a party with 500 people in Marseille.  As reported by Le Parisien, the illicit event (in the middle of the pandemic with the severe restrictive measures imposed by the government) was held in "boulevard de Plombières" where most people were without masks. 

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The organizers of the party rented a room on behalf of an association that, according to witnesses, was supposed to use the premises to store goods for delivery.  After reports were made to the police (some people had also posted videos on social networks), they intervened with fines of 135 euros, as required by law in these cases.

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The French agents also seized quantities of drugs and, at the same time, an investigation has been initiated to identify the organizers of the party.  Also in the same area, a party had been organized a few days before, for which to participate it was necessary to buy a 75 euro ticket, drinks included.


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Address Boulevard de Plombières, Marseille, France

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Illegal party shut down in Marseilles by police

Boulevard de Plombières, Marseille, France