Diary Sow, top Senegalese student, disappears in France

Diary Sow, a student at the prestigious Louis-Le-Grand high school goes missing in France.

French authorities have launched an investigation to determine the whereabouts of missing a top Senegalese student studying at a prestigious Paris school. No one has seen her after the Christmas break prompting widespread angst back in Senegal. At the moment, investigators haven’t given crime as the basis for their investigation. 

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Diary Sow did not return back to school during the Christmas holidays prompting widespread concern in France and Senegal. In comments shared to the BBC, Ms. Sow is described as the “best student in Senegal" given the accolades and awards to her name in her novel year. Apparently, she has not seen Mr. Sow since the 4th of January.

Ms Sow is in her second year, currently at pre-university level, at the prestigious Parisian high school Lycée Louis-Le-Grand on a scholarship for excellence. Senegal’s consul in Paris declared her missing on January 7, posting the woman’s photograph and inviting anyone with information to reach them at +33 7 85 93 32 11 or send an email to info@consulsen-paris.com. Senegalese in the diaspora are mobilizing on social media to help in efforts aimed at finding her.

Other French celebrities like actor Omar Sy are sharing the appeal on his Twitter and Instagram social media accounts.

AFP reports that neither her parents, friends, tutor or the embassy have heard any word from her. Senegalese press back at home has reported her disappearance while concerned citizens have begun sharing her photo as their avatar on Whatsapp’s instant messaging platform. 

Dairy Sow won the prize for best Senegal student in 2018 and 2019, even wrote a novel in France titled “The Face of an Angel".