No safe haven for drug addicts in Paris

Plans for a safe facilty for drug addicts in Paris have been set back by a Conseil d'Etat decision that it would be illegal under a 1970 law banning the use of hard drugs. The city will now have to shelve its project to provide a room with medical staff for drug addicts near the Gare du Nord.

The Paris city council approved the plan in July and it was supported by the deputy mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who is running for election as mayor next year. But opposition councillors and local residents objected and took a case to the Consel d'Etat, the country's highest administrative court.

The ministry for health has said that it will work with the city government to provide a location where drug addicts can inject themselves with clean syringes and get medical attention but the court ruling seems to indicate that parliament will first have to pass a new law on drug use.