With five hospitals, the district of Headington is, unsurprisingly, dominated by doctors, nurses and other hospital workers. It is also popular amongst students, being only a short bus journey from the city centre, colleges, and ex-polytechnic, Oxford Brookes University. This easterly area of the city comprises numerous types of property, ranging from Victorian terraces, and traditional 1920s semi-detached, to modern buildings. The letting market is buoyant and fast-moving due to Headingtons affordability, and the type of resident the district attracts, however this does mean that some areas appear run-down. Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available. Headington can boast the largest high street in Oxford after the city centre, with many types of shops and facilities represented. It is also a popular location for guesthouses, capitalising on visitors commuting from London and the M40 motorway, which feeds into the city from the east. Thornhill park and ride (also known as Sandhill park and ride) has also proven to be a convenient way to travel into Headington and Oxford city itself. Furthermore, Headington Hill Park, and South Park lay within this districts boundary, commonly accommodating circuses and fairs.

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Headington, Oxford