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Police to use Battersea power station site

The site of the old Battersea power station, which has been waiting for over a quarter of a century to be redeveloped, has been earmarked as a police transport centre during the Olympic Games which be...
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BMW Guggenheim Lab pulls out of Berlin location

German car manufacturer BMW and the Guggenheim Foundation have had to back-down on a possible city regeneration project in the heart of Berlin because of opposition from local residents. BMW Guggen...
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Low cost travel on the Berlin to Cologne line

A new budget rail service from Berlin to Cologne (via Hamburg) could be in operation by autumn 2012. According to a report in The Local, which provides German news in English, a company called MSM...
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Students love Berlin

Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for students thanks to its low cost of living and the quality of its culture. Paris, London, Boston, Melbourne, Vienna, Sydney and Zurich were placed befo...
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Berlin’s contemporary arts festival celebrates 25 years

The alternative media arts festival Transmedial runs in Berlin until 5 February. This year is the 25th anniversary of the contemporary arts event and is celebrated with art works, installations, video...
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Deutsche Bahn to improve stations

Deutsche Bahn, the German railways operator, is investing
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Berlin’s throwaway Christmas tree

Berlin, like Rome, has run into difficulties this year with its Christmas tree. The metal, fire-belching tree on Breitscheidplatz has been called the ugliest in Germany. It is made out of found ob...
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Troubled Air Berlin

Air Berlin, Germany
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The best standard of living in all Germany
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Berlin continues to attract growing numbers of tourists, according to figures released by authorities. Despite poor weather, total visitor numbers for July showed a year on year increase of 10.1 per c...
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Berlin authorities appeal for information about

Authorities in Berlin have appealed for information about the origins of the 17-year old youth who says he has been living in south German forests for the last five years. Dubbed
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Internet safety programme launched for Berlin’s youth

Berlin authorities have launched 12 centres throughout the city to promote internet safety, which has been flagged as a major concern among young people. Workshops, information days and one-on-one...
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Berlin universities create joint centre for Jewish studies

Berlin universities are to create a cohesive multi-university centre for Jewish studies, that could be up and running as early as this autumn. Potsdam, Freie, Humboldt and Technische universities will...
Berlin News

Berlin hits record tourist levels in 2010

Berlin now rides alongside Paris and London as one of the top three most popular destinations in Europe, say city authorities. Last year was a record for tourism in the city: in December 2010 alone mo...
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Energy concept 2020 adopted by Berlin

A comprehensive energy strategy for Berlin, developed by the city


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