Köpenick area

This large district with a low population density is located in the far south-east of Berlin and about 75 per cent of the area is covered by forests, fields, lakes and rivers.

The newly renovated Köpenick Castle, a superb example of baroque architecture, stands on an island on the river Dahme, which in Köpenick joins the larger river Spree. Köpenick used to be a fishing village and despite the passing of the years it has preserved its small-town feel. Mggelsee, Berlin's largest lake, is also in this area.

There is children's entertainment in Wuhlheide with recreation areas and amusement parks. The S3 overground line makes frequent stops in the Köpenick area, which also has an excellent tram network.

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Address Köpenick, Berlin, Germany

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Köpenick area

Köpenick, Berlin, Germany