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500Kg WWII bomb unearthed in Frankfurt, thousands briefly evacuated

Thousands of people have been evacuated from their local area in Frankfurt after the discovery of an unexploded 500kg World War 2 bomb. Close to 13,000 residents in the upscale Gallus district were...
Berlin News

Lesbian cemetery opened in Berlin

A space for the burial of lesbians has been reserved in central Berlin graveyard. Spaces for 80 burials or ashes have been set aside in the Lutheran Georgen Parochial cemetery, which was first laid...
Berlin News

Berlin’s Mauerpark could charge entry fee

Visitors to Berlin’s Mauerpark may be asked to pay €1 entrance fee to help keep it clean and tidy. The park was created soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, along what is called “d...
Berlin News

Green discounts for brothel trade

The Local reports that a Berlin brothel has begun offering
Berlin News

Demo protests internet surveillance

It is estimated that around 25,000 people took to the streets of Berlin on 12 September to protest against the increase in internet surveillance by the state. The protest follows the passing of a law...
Berlin News

Audrey Hepburn stamp auctioned

An anonymous bidder has bought a rare German stamp of Audrey Hepburn for
Berlin News

New US embassy to open on 4 July.

The new United States embassy in Berlin is to open officially on 4 July (US Independence Day) after years of delays. It will be inaugurated in the presence of German chancellor Angela Merkel and forme...
Berlin News

Prison-wear store Haeftling opens in Berlin.

A store selling fashion-wear for men and women designed and inspired by prisoners in German jails has opened on Rosa-Luxembourg-Strasse in central Berlin. Inmates from all over the country are involve...
Berlin News

First Berlin settlement dated to 1192.

A recent find in an archaeological dig in central Berlin has enabled scientists to date the city
Berlin News

Memorial to gay victims of Nazi regime.

A large concrete structure is to be erected this year in Tiergarten Park as a memorial to the thousands of homosexual victims of the Nazi regime. Designed by Danish-born Michael Elmgreen and Norwegian...
Berlin News

Second-hand uniforms for Berlin police.

The police deprtment in the cash-strapped German capital has had to send out a request for new and second-hand uniforms from richer states around the country. Most parts of Germany are moving from the...
Berlin News

Churches in Berlin: Berlin church up for sale.

The controversial Martin Luther Memorial church in Mariendorf, south Berlin, is up for sale after parishioners failed to raise the
Berlin News

Former Communist headquarters to become exclusive Berlin club.

A British investor has bought the Bauhaus-designed
Berlin News

Polar bear cub doubles Berlin Zoo share prices.

The celebrity polar bear cub, Knut, currently on show for two hours a day at the Berlin Zoo, has been registered as an official brand, sending the Zoo
Berlin News

Berlin hosts EU 50th anniversary celebrations.

European Union leaders are to gather for official celebrations this weekend at Berlin
Berlin News

Berlin Hauptbahnhof repaired after storm damage.

Emergency repairs have just been completed on the Berlin Hauptbahnhof central station, which was damaged during hurricane Kyrill in January. A protective grid has been welded onto the building
Berlin News

Mosque to be built in former East Berlin.

Ground has been broken for the construction of the first ever mosque in what used to be east Berlin. The domed structure on the site of an old sauerkraut factory in the suburb of Heinersdorf in the Pa...
Berlin News

Berlin shops open longer hours.

Following the introduction of new federal legislation allowing the 16 states in the German Federation to set their own limits on shopping hours, shops in the German capital can now stay open 24 hours...


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