Steglitz district

Steglitz combines proximity to the city centre with exclusive residential areas, suburbs and a green belt.

The main attraction is the Botanical Garden, which houses 20,000 plants from all over the world. Schlossstrae is the districts main shopping street and there is a lively local centre with restaurants and cinemas around the Schlossparktheater and the town hall.

However, this district is not famous for its night life, being rather quiet and sedate. Parts of the up-market area of Friedenau also fall within Steglitz, while another sub-district called Lichterfelde to the south is characterised by 19th-century town houses.

The U9 underground and the S1 and S25 overground lines connect Steglitz to the city centre. The Schlossstrae runs between downtown Berlin and the city limits on Unter den Eichen. Tempelhof airport is nearby.

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Address Steglitz, Berlin, Germany

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Steglitz district

Steglitz, Berlin, Germany