Neukölln is sometimes referred to as the "Bronx of Berlin" and it is not among Berliners preferred districts, even if it isn't particularly dangerous and has developed significantly.

This former workers' quarter is popular with immigrants and the northern part resembles the neighbouring district of Kreuzberg. Hermannplatz, on the border with Kreuzberg, is one of Berlin's liveliest squares and is connected to Karl-Marx-Strae, a popular shopping street.

Neukölln also hosts Germany's most unconventional opera house, the Neukollner Oper. The south boasts numerous canals and waterways, the "Britz Garden" with its famous terraced houses and one of the districts lesser known attractions, the so-called Bhmisches Dorf (Bohemian village) on Richardsplatz, where visitors can enjoy the restored 18th-century architecture.

The U8 underground connects Neukölln with the city centre, the S41/42 ring train overground line with the west and east and the U7 underground with the city limits in the south.

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Address Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

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Neukölln, Berlin, Germany