The site of the old Battersea power station, which has been waiting for over a quarter of a century to be redeveloped, has been earmarked as a police transport centre during the Olympic Games which begin in London on 27 July.

Plans have been submitted to Wandsworth council for 350 parking spaces for police vans, coaches and cars on 24-hour duty for two months. Police officers from 11 forces around the country will use the site.

The old power station is a London landmark and a listed building and has been waiting restoration and redevelopment since it was decommissioned in 1983. Several redevelopment plans have been put forward over the years, including a theme park, a centre for offices, shops and a hotel and an extensive retail and entertainment centre. The site has changed hands at least three times as property developers have failed to secure enough financing for their projects.

It is now up for sale again at a price of