Lichtenberg area

With its well-to-do detached houses and industrial estates, Lichtenberg is an interesting combination of a village-like atmosphere and modern urban sprawl.

Friedrichsfelde Zoo is one of the major attractions here. Lichtenberg is also famous for the Schloss Friedrichsfelde Castle, built by a Dutch aristocrat in 1695 but which has been remodelled many times over the years.

For lovers of Socialist history, a visit to the central cemetery is a must. Here, the Bauhaus architect Mies van der Rohe designed a special monument to the revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, who were murdered in 1919.

Karlshorst is famous for its mansions and horse-racing track. There is also a museum in the former German headquarters of the Soviet army, also the site of Germanys unconditional surrender to the Allies in 1945.

The U5 underground and the S5 and S7 overground trains run to Friedrichshain and Mitte, while the S3 connects Karlshorst to the city centre. Lichtenberg is also a major intercity train station.

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Address Lichtenberg, Berlin, Germany

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Lichtenberg area

Lichtenberg, Berlin, Germany