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Delacroix and photography.

28 Nov 2008-2 March 2009. This exhibition focuses on a lesser-known aspect of the work of French painter Eug
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11 Dec 2008-22 Feb 2009. Over the past two years the Frac
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Tara Artic expedition exhibition.

15 Nov 2008-11 Jan 2009. The findings of a scientific expedition to the North Pole on board a 36m sailing vessel, the
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Honour and Glory. Treasures from the Spada Collection.

19 Nov 2008-15 March 2009. This exhibition features a treasured collection of curious and rare pieces of jewellery, textiles, military medals, decorations and orders of chivalry, uniforms and weaponry...
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Damian Ortega.

12 Nov 2008-9 Feb 2009. This exhibition is dedicated to Damian Ortega, considered one of the most prominent artists of the new Mexican generation along with Abraham Cruz-Villegas and Gabriel Kuri. Ort...
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Jacques Prévert exhibition.

24 Oct 2008-28 Feb 2009. The life and works of celebrated Parisian poet, screen-writer and photographer Jacques Pr
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European Month of Photography: Mutations II.

5 Nov 2008-25 Jan 2009. This project brings together the seven photography festivals of Berlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Moscow, Paris, Rome and Vienna in a single European network to exchange informat...
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Monet, the Impressionist Eye.

16 Oct 2008-15 Feb 2009. This exhibition features some 60 works by Claude Monet, among which is the famous series Water Lilies, some from the museum
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De Miró à Warhol. La Collection BERARDO à Paris.

16 Oct 2008-22 Feb 2009. This exhibition displays 74 works, which correspond to five major artistic movements in the 20th century. The works come from the Berardo Collection of Lisbon and range from S...
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Le Futurisme à Paris. Une avant-garde explosive.

15 Oct 2008-26 Jan 2009.To celebrate the centenary of the publication of the Futurist Manifesto by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti on the front page of the French newspaper Le Figaro on 20 February 1909, th...
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La passion à l’oeuvre. Rodin and Freud collectors.

15 Oct 2008-22 Feb 2009. This exhibition displays a selection of antiquities of various origins, such as Egypt, Greece and Rome, from the private collections of Rodin and Freud. The exhibition highlig...
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Picasso and the Masters.

8 Oct 2008-2 Feb 2009. The influence of master painters such as Titian, Goya, Renoir and Manet on the work of Pablo Picasso is explored in this exceptional exhibition at the Galleries Nationales du Gr...
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Picasso - Delacroix.

9 Oct 2008-2 Feb 2009. In this major exhibition at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais about Pablo Picasso and his oldmasters, the Louvre presents around 20 painted and graphic variations on Delac...
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Van Dyck, European Portrait Painter.

8 Oct 2008-25 Jan 2009. This comprehensive exhibition is dedicated to Anthony Van Dyck and traces the key phases of his career as a master portrait painter. Van Dyck began as a disciple of Rubens, was...
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Picasso-Manet: Lunch on the Grass.

8 Oct 2008-1 Feb 2009. This exhibition is an extension of Picasso and the Masters exhibition at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais and it illustrates the influence Manet
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Upside Down: The Arctic Regions.

30 Sept 2008-11 Jan 2009. For the first time in Europe, this exhibition brings together around 500 of the most important pieces from ancient Eskimo and Inuit culture, from several collections. The uti...
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Splendors of the Courtesans.

19 Sept 2008-4 Jan 2009. This exhibition displays over 100 Ukiyo-e paintings, lent by the famous Idemitsu Museum in Tokyo. The school of Ukiyo-e developed around the great Japanese cities of Kyoto, Os...
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Jacques Villeglé : la comédie urbaine.

17 Sept 2008-5 Jan 2009. For the first time in France this retrospective exhibition celebrates one of today's major French artists, Jacques Villegl
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Emil Nolde (1867-1956).

25 Sept 2008-19 Jan 2009. This retrospective is dedicated to the German expressionism, which is still relatively unknown in France, and it pays homage for the first time in this country to Emil Nolde,...
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Mantegna at the Louvre.

26 Sept 2008-5 Jan 2009. The Napol


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