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Oxford News

Oxford Christmas Night Light

The Mini plant at Oxford is sponsoring the Christmas Night Light in Oxford to mark the 100th anniversary of car manufacturing in the city. The annual light procession on 22 November will focus on the...
Copenhagen News

Denmark to get high-speed trains

Denmark’s railway network will be getting a high-speed upgrade thanks to agreement over a 28.5 billion kroner investment between the government and opposition parties. Danish railways should...
Barcelona News

Mobility week in Barcelona

Barcelona is promoting various forms of alternative transport during Mobility Week from 22-29 September. These include car sharing, cultural tours by bike, a photo competition and the Barcelona City C...
London News

Boris bus crashes in central London

One of the new-design London double-decker buses crashed in Chelsea a day after it came into service on the central London route 11 on 22 September. Three people were seriously hurt, including the dri...
Dublin News

Radical draft plans for Dublin traffic

A draft report by the National Transport Authority (NTA) has concluded that much of the traffic currently passing through Dublin city centre should be directed elsewhere. However, while elements of...
Paris News

France issues new driving licences

France is now issuing new driving licences in line with the standard EU plastic cards to replace the old and less secure paper model. All applications for driving licences from 16 September will ha...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen needs more bicycle racks

Copenhagen’s traffic congestion commission is recommending 30,000 more bicycle parking spots in the city. The cost for the new racks would be about 300 million kroner. The commission estimate...
Brussels News

Brussels gets new bike racks

Twenty new bicycle racks have been installed in Brussels as the result of a survey in July asking the public to suggest new locations. An additional 20 sites are being studied. Almost all the racks ar...
Vienna News

Vienna transport schedule

Wiener Linien, Vienna's public transport authority, is expanding its services in the autumn. Buses and underground trains will run more frequently during weekdays in off-peak hours. The new frequencie...
Barcelona News

Barcelona rolls out parking apps

Barcelona has launched a new parking app apparkB to make parking easier and more user friendly in the city's blue and green areas. The app means that users can pay online and pay only for the exact...
Paris News

Fewer deaths on French motorways

Deaths on French motorways in 2012 fell by more than 25 per cent according to a report by the Association des Sociétés Françaises d’Autoroutes (ASFA), accounting for 143 of...
Brussels News

New parking rules start in Brussels

New parking regulations go into effect in Brussels on 15 June. However in the new parking areas of Laeken, which has now been transformed into one zone, there will be no parking controls until 1 July...
Brussels News

New parking regulations in Brussels

Brussels has announced new parking regulations that will begin on 15 June. They involve additional blue parking zones in some Laeken streets in north-west Brussels, the extension of parking regulation...
Barcelona News

Barcelona promotes automobile innovation

To coincide with the opening of the Barcelona Motor Fair on 11 May the head of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, has announced a plan for a car and motorbike cluster in the Barcelona area to support...
Berlin News

Germans drive too fast

Speeding is one of the top traffic offences in Germany according to figures published in May by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Both men and women have more points on their licences for driving...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen opens second cycle superhighway

A second superhighway for bikes has opened in Copenhagen, from Farum about 20 kms to the northwest of the city centre. It is part of a scheme for 28 super highways for bicycles, which the city hope...
London News

Londoners unhappy with Boris bikes

Boris bikes, named after Boris Johnson the mayor of London, are not quite as popular as they were when the scheme first came into operation three years ago. An increase in costs, as well as difficu...
Berlin News

Berlin’s new airport gets speed-up plan

A programme to speed up the opening of Berlin’s long-delayed Brandenburg airport has been released by its present managing director, Hartmut Mehdorn. SPRINT will coordinate all aspects of work o...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen light rail

An electrical light rail system would be the solution to Copenhagen’s traffic congestion, according to research by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The report backs similar findings re...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen klippekort to be phased out

Copenhagen’s old klippekort – the paper punch-ticket now used on trains, buses and metro – is being phased out and from 1 July passengers will have to use the electronic travel card...


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