New parking regulations in Brussels

Brussels has announced new parking regulations that will begin on 15 June. They involve additional blue parking zones in some Laeken streets in north-west Brussels, the extension of parking regulations to the neighbouring area De Wand and a new temporary card.

Laeken north and south are to be merged into a single area up to Avenue Madrid with the addition of new blue zones where parking is permitted free of charge for two hours with a blue parking disk.

De Wand will be divided into blue zones, green zones with metered parking (residents are exempt) and orange zones reserved for commercial vehicles where parking is permitted for a maximum of two hours at the same rates as in the green zones.

The new temporary card will cost €3 a day and is valid for a maximum of 63 days. It is designed for temporary visitors and for people arriving to live in the city before they have their residency papers in order.

There will also be a reduction in the rates for those who hold general subscription cards, professional cards for companies and self-employed people and cards for medical staff.

For comprehensive details of all parking regulations see Brussels city website.