Copenhagen klippekort to be phased out

Copenhagen’s old klippekort – the paper punch-ticket now used on trains, buses and metro – is being phased out and from 1 July passengers will have to use the electronic travel card Rejsekort, a ticket machine or a smart phone app to buy single tickets or monthly passes.

Rejsekort travel, which was introduced in Copenhagen in July 2012, is calculated according to distance from the start to finish of a journey rather than through zones. The card must be checked at a digital reader at the beginning and at the end of a trip and then the fare is deducted from the pre-payment on the card. There is a fine for failure to check the card at the end of a journey.

The old klipperkort will be valid until 30 June 2014 and refunds will also be given for unused units until 30 June 2016.

The Rejsekort has had a series of problems since work first started on the project in 2003 and it has had to be modified several times because of technical difficulties. The cost for the project has been put at between €200 and €270 million.

There has also been criticism that it is more expensive that the klippekort over time and distance.